Caryn Taylor


Casey Taylor Johnson is organizing this gofundme fundraiser on behalf of Danny Taylor (2FIVE2 owner).

In March 2020, Caryn Huntt Taylor (Mrs. 2FIVE2) was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer - infiltrating ductal carcinoma - in her right breast and it has spread to her lymph nodes and bones. She also has the HER2-positive gene, which makes this form of cancer more aggressive but also very responsive to treatment. 

In the next 2 weeks, Caryn will begin rigorous chemotherapy (which could extend over the next year), then will have surgery and likely radiation in the coming months. She has a long road ahead. She is an incredibly kind human being, and also has unbelievable grit and determination to fight this.

There is no good time to find out you have cancer, but especially not in these times where everyone is being told to social distance, shelter in place and self-isolate due to coronavirus COVID-19. Once Caryn begins chemo, her immune system will be compromised, and she will be extra vulnerable.

About Caryn:
Caryn is 38 years old, lives in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and is married to Danny Taylor, owner/CEO of 2FIVE2  and WebsiteGrowers . They met when they were teenagers, and are now going 24 years strong (will be celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary this July!). She is a mama of furry children - 1 dog Oshie and 3 beautiful cats. She is a preschool teacher, and can no longer work at the school with young children while her immune system is compromised. 

How you can help:
Like most early childhood educators and small business owners, having health insurance was a luxury that Caryn and Danny could not afford. In light of Caryn's recent cancer diagnosis, they are trying to get her on health insurance that will hopefully go into effect at beginning of April before her port surgery and chemo treatments begin. Up until now, they have been paying for all of the doctor's visits, CT/MRI scans, biopsies, etc. out of pocket and have incurred hefty medical bills at the outset.

This will be a long road and fight ahead, and having your support will be so crucial as it will enable:
1) Caryn to focus on fighting her cancer, staying as strong as she can and getting better.
2) Danny to focus on supporting Caryn and still working full-time (as he will be sole financial provider).

Your support will go towards:
- medical bills (incurred to date and anticipated ones coming over next year)
- monthly expenses (Caryn can no longer work and Danny runs a small business)

Please consider giving and sharing this gofundme as broadly as possible. Every little bit will help them fight through this over the next year!

You can also help by supporting/sharing their homegrown small business: 2FIVE2 . Less people will be shopping in stores due to coronavirus, so this would be a great way to support their company.

One final note:
Caryn has been in my life since I was 18 when she first started dating my brother Danny. She became one of my closest friends then, and has been my sister ever since. I have seen no greater love than the one that exists between Caryn and Danny. All who know them believe they exemplify true soulmates. They have been a team for 24 years now, and we know they will be a team for the next 50 years to come.

Our family is deeply grateful for your support in this trying time. And Caryn and Danny send their gratitude as they lean into each other for the fight to come.

We will keep you updated on Caryn's journey. Until then, you have our deepest thanks,

Casey (Taylor) Johnson & the Huntt, Taylor, Keister & Covey Families

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