Wanted on the Outer Banks (Book #3)

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Wanted on the Outer Banks (Book #3)

Good vs Evil

The third book in the Wanted on the Outer Banks thriller series.

In the eerie realm of the Outer Banks, the mystery surrounding a relentless killer grows ever menacing. Alexis, haunted by unsettling visions and a mysterious message from her aunt in prison, finds herself spiraling toward an inescapable date—November 22. As the town descends into uncertainty, even the arrival of FBI Agent Lee Clark offers more questions than answers. What dark force propels the terror—witchcraft or a cult? Can Alexis decipher the clues in time to end the nightmare? Dive into a world where the line between the real and the supernatural is perilously thin, and where Alexis must face an unthinkable choice that could seal her fate.

Type: Paperback

1st Edition Release Date: Sept 8, 2023

Written by: Danny Taylor

ISBN # 9798218268213

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